Social design. Care and the common good

Descriptive data of the subject*

Name of the subject: Social design. Care and the common good
Type of subject: Compulsory
Subject: Theory and Practice of Design Investigation
ECTS credits: 6
Hours of dedication: 150

*Subject in verification process.

This subject aims to make an approach to service design through collaborative interventions together with experts from the social innovation sector. This approach will allow students to acquire knowledge in real learning situations and will offer the acquisition of a group of techniques and mindsets that can be put into practice with the communities involved. In this way, students approach the practice of design where the designer is not a prescriber of solutions but an agent of change that catalyzes collaborative innovation. The idea of ​​the common good and care nurtures the conceptual framework of the subject and seeks to position design as a necessarily ethical project. The subject covers all the phases of a service design project from the definition of the project focus, the realization of field research, to the ideation of solutions, their validation in real contexts of use and their presentation to the different parties involved.

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