Final Master's Thesis

Descriptive data of the subject*

Name of the subject: Final Master's Thesis 
Type of subject: Final Master's Thesis 
Subject: Final Master's Thesis 
ECTS credits: 12
Hours of dedication: 300

*Subject in verification process.

The module of the Final Master's Thesis (TFM) constitutes the last academic project, in which the knowledge acquired during the master's degree is put into practice and revalidated. Hence, a broad and specific competency package has to be covered.
The TFM gives the student the opportunity to develop and demonstrate the intellectual maturity and the research and project capacity acquired during the master's degree. It must be an original work, the result of the student's personal work under the guidance and guidance of one or two tutors. As a general rule, the development of this project is individual, but in special cases it may be done in teams of a maximum of two students.
The TFM consists of the development of a design project with a research base at the master's level. This research is reflected in a research report and / or in an application project in the environment of design, communication and related disciplines.
Before starting the TFM, during the previous months, the student proposes a TFM Plan that contains the subject of the work and the corresponding research questions. At the same time it defines and justifies its choice, the framework for action, an initial analysis of the state of the matter and a timing for the development of the project. From this TFM Plan, the corresponding tutor or tutors are assigned from the direction of the programme.

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