Academic-Scientific Methodology for Research in Design

Descriptive data of the subject*

Name of the subject: Academic-Scientific Methodology for Research in Design
Type of subject: Compulsory
Subject: Theory and Practice of Design Investigation
ECTS credits: 6
Hours of dedication: 150

*Subject in verification process.

This subject is organized from a series of theoretical and practical criteria that will focus on providing various methods and techniques, as well as critical-theoretical apparatus relevant to design research. Although the focus of the subject is practical, central theoretical aspects about the nature of design research, its purposes and the different existing approaches will be considered. The presentation of the different techniques will be accompanied by practical workshops and monographic classes and critical reflection. The course addresses, with a focus on the intersection of communication and design, the question of how to shape and structure academic research. How to establish a general referential framework, the formulation of research questions, as well as the definition of research strategies and the selection of methods to analyze and synthesize the information obtained will be discussed. The main aspects related to the dissemination and communication of results will also be worked on. The skills acquired in this subject will be especially relevant for the preparation and development of the TFM.

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