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15-week programme at Elisava, in the center of Barcelona, capital of design. Elisava’s Study Abroad programme offers you a comprehensive look at design, and does so in a multicultural environment where different disciplines and areas of knowledge merge.

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Design is an increasingly complex profession where the limits between traditional speciality areas have become blurred. Nowadays designers must be capable of covering every base in this extensive market and mastering the diversity of services they can offer. If you want to Study Abroad in Barcelona, Elisava’s Study Abroad programme is an ideal option for a Spain study abroad experience, as it offers a comprehensive look at the design and the new opportunities that are appearing with it. And it does so in a multicultural environment during a Semester abroad in which different disciplines and knowledge areas merge. So that, students of Elisava’s Study Abroad can complement their training according to their interests to be able to materialise projects in any area by becoming an student abroad.

At Elisava we understand design and engineering as instruments to question and construct the social, technological, environmental and ethical dimensions of the world in which we live through creativity and critical reflection. Elisava is the strength of its students and a perfect study abroad experience for every international student. More than 20,000 students from around the world have left and continue to leave their mark on the School and now work as designers and industrial design engineers to meet future challenges and generate new scenarios in the world. So, if you are looking for a short term study abroad and a design study abroad experience and want to become part of a community of international students abroad, Elisava is the perfect option for you.