Students of the Postgraduate in Interior Space Design Private Perimeters design a loft in Palo Alto

The students of the Postgraduate in Interior Space Design. Private Perimeters (Master’s Degree in Interior Design) have designed as a final postgraduate project several proposals for a loft in Palo Alto, an emblematic place in the city of Barcelona with an industrial past.

The proposal, developed in groups, consisted of the design of a loft with pleasant and well-designed outdoor or open spaces, incorporating natural vegetation and understood as an extension of the house under the open sky. In addition, they had to be coherent with the present time, paying special attention to the problems related to climate change and sustainability.

The project was designed for a diplomat as a client, so their priorities and needs had to be taken into account. The client was looking for a modern, creative, unconventional, and sustainable interior design, while he valued a renaturalised, comfortable, resilient outdoor space that was well related to the interior design, so that it could host outdoor events and receptions with various diplomats or international representatives.

Also, students were tutored by Joaquim Matutano, Lola Domènech, Marcos Catalán and Tomas López, who proposed a series of additional conditions to be followed. Some of them consisted in maintaining the façades and the volume of the building, ensuring the integration of the surroundings, giving value to the unoccupied space, and the possibility of modifying the roof.

The students’ proposals were the following:

Entre Patios

Oriana Belloni and Mª Eugenia Scapigliati

Pompeii House

Silvia Borrego and Anthony Flores


Katherin Bullen, Ana Cecilia Horvilleur and Renatta Ordoñez

La Caja

Raquel Calvo, Maria Hidalgo, Agustina Szonyi and Maria Trujillo

Nau Espai

María Fernanda Lemus and Ferran Vílchez

Poble Verd

Malena Mac Donnell, Michaela Martínez and Iliana Rodriguez

Donde el Agua Habita

Maria José Osquendo, Daniela Estrada and Dayan Meneses


María Riveroll, Paulina López and Alana Fuentes

The Postgraduate Course in Interior Space Design Private Perimeters is distinguished by a very complete elaboration of the execution projects. Aesthetic attitudes, fashion and provocation do not make an impression, but rather consistent solutions, original proposals and meaningful experimentation are valued.