Students of the Master in Retail Design design and make a window display of Barcelona’s shop Beatriz Furest

The students of the Master in Retail Design have participated in a project for the design and production of a shop window within the framework of the Visuals module. In collaboration with the prestigious brand Beatriz Furest, the students have had the opportunity to prepare themselves to conceptualise, design, develop and execute a real window display, in a given time and with a defined budget.

Based on a briefing of the new collection of the collaborating brand, based on the essence and style of the Mediterranean, the students have worked from the search for the concept to its construction and implementation, through the creation of models, preparation of schedules, and budgets, contact with suppliers and presentation of the project to the client.

Also, students have been in charge of doing their own research on the collaborating brand and studying the viability of their proposals, conditioning factors of space, as well as drawing up plans of the shop window.

The Visuals module of the Master’s in Retail Design aims to prepare students to work in a real environment and to strengthen ties with leading brands and emblematic shops in the city of Barcelona.

The final chosen proposal is the following:

Oyster Nazli Selva Kucuk, Gorkay Duzgun, Ozenc Su Akin, Fernanda Isabella Martinez

The project proposes a sensorial trip through the sunny Mediterranean coasts, choosing the symbolism of oysters and their deep association with women, femininity, and the region’s essence as the common thread. The Mediterranean inspires the project due to its singularity, its light elegance, atemporal charm, and effortless flair. Easy, eternal, light, unique… are the concepts that the installation intends to transmit.

About Beatriz Furest

Beatriz Furest is a clothing, bags, and accessories brand with a unique style founded in 2006 in Barcelona. Its predilection to see how the modern stands out among the classic is what leads them to experiment with different forms, patterns, fabric, leather, and colour combinations. All their clothes are made in local studios in Spain by using natural dye and recycled leather coming from the food industry, contributing to environmental care.