Students of the Master in Furniture Design exhibit their stools at Nave Seis

Last 29th of February the exhibition ‘Piernas que cuelgan’ (Dangling Legs) took place, a showing of the final projects of students of the Master in Furniture Design with 14 stools designed and self-produced by them.

Piernas que cuelgan works as a metaphor of the fun produced of seating on a high stool without your feet touching the floor. The 21 students that participated in the design of the stools aimed to play with forms and their encounters, and pushing the conventional concept of comfort. The result were 14 stools and 28 dangling legs that play with surprising and fun postures.

The exhibition was celebrated at Nave Seis, a multifunctional warehouse thought for shootings, videos, events and exhibitions, provided by Spathios, a space rental platform to celebrate any type of events.