Students of the Master in Art Direction and New Narratives make the event ‘Col·lisió’, with music, dancing and visuals, at Sala Apolo

Col·lisió is an immersive event created by students of the second edition of Elisava’s Master in Art Direction and New Narratives (MADNN). A programme thought as a permanent workshop, divided in projects that take creativity to different professional scenarios.

Col·lisió is the result of one of these projects, which aims to generate an experience from its concept to its production, and that took place last 8th of February at Sala 3 in Apolo, an iconic club in Barcelona.

The event was born due to the overwhelming collective experience of landing as a foreigner in Barcelona and the consequent process of building a community. This way, it embodies the crash between diversity and the power of communities through metaphoric acts that reflect a collision of their later sensations.

The Col·lisió programme included an opening dj set by Jaime Domingo, who recreated a feeling of collision with his music. It was followed by the first indoor show of Flock Drone Art and the personal performance of the dancer and performer Mabel Olea, protagonist of the central act of the night. The event ended with a special clubbing session by Ukrainian artist The Lazy Jesus, accompanied by the visuals of Magister of Magic. Col·lisió is expected to hold a new edition in 2025.


Bernard Arce and Lucía Colombo (MADNN)
Georgia Taglietti, founder of ICNAC
Ferrán Echegaray and Marcel Casas Solé of Terrivle
Natalia San Juan, leader of Femnoise
Ernest Biosca Rojas of Flock Drones Art
Apolo Hall
Elisava, Faculty of Design and Engineering of Barcelona
SAE Creative Media Education