Students of the Degree in Design collaborate with Aspasim on an interior refurbishment project

A selection of 8 students from the 3rd year of the Undergraduate Degree in Design have carried out an interior refurbishment project for 4 different types of housing in different locations in Barcelona —Vila Olímpica, Eixample, Sants, Vallvidrera— in collaboration with ASPASIM.

The project is designed so that the users of the dwellings planned are basically divided into age ranges —children, adolescents, young people and adults—, with different characteristics in terms of furniture and behaviour. Initially, an exhaustive analysis of the current state of the flats was carried out, and then the habits and functional needs, as well as the desires of the users, were considered.

The joint response is articulated through an emotive vision, which is based on the metaphor of a fruit tree, the cherry tree, from which different connotations are derived for each of the flats.

The project has gone as far as the detailed definition of the elements —cladding, furniture, lighting, kitchen equipment, bathroom fittings— in order to facilitate their translation into a future process of real execution of the proposed design. The students have worked with great enthusiasm and dedication, which has led to a high quality result.

Sobre Aspasim

Aspasim is an organisation that cares for people with disabilities through educational, occupational, housing, health and leisure projects. In terms of accommodation, its uniqueness consists of accommodating these people, most of whom are orphans, in different flats around the city of Barcelona. The concept of home is fundamental.