Students from the Undergraduate Degree in Design and Innovation design the trophy for the Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya

27 Nov 2023
Disseny trofeu Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya

(News updated on 27-11-2023)

Year after year, the design of the Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya awards is assigned to a design school or a different designer in order to create new opportunities and highlight young talent. This year, the design of the award has been the responsibility of Elisava students. You can see more details of the process here.

60 students of the Degree in Design and Innovation, within the framework of the subject ‘Taller II (Workshop II)’ of the Product Design Mention, have been commissioned by the Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya to design the trophies that represent technological innovation in the three sectors (primary, secondary and tertiary) under the name of Catalunya Impacta.

The trophy proposals were worked with the mentoring of Elisava professors Nico Olmos, Sergi Garcia and Josep Novell, and the winning project went to students Laia Muñoz, Candela Román and Aitana Vilagut. The result, in the words of the authors themselves, combines “innovation, transparency, openness, sustainability and elegance”.

The trophy, a mixture between modern technology and traditional crafts, is made of wood, the main, noble and traditional material that represents the diversity of companies in the three sectors, differentiated by the textures and finishes of each of the pieces. Likewise, the three are united by the central piece, 3D printed and lacquered in red, which represents technological innovation and new processes and materials.

Metaphorically, the trophy represents the connection between the three sectors and their complementarity. It also wants to visualise how the technological circle connects and supports them in all their initiatives and activities. The design of the award for the first edition was by Elisava Alumni Júlia Esqué.