Students from the master’s degrees in design of materials and temporary spaces build an ephemeral pavilion based on efficiency and sustainability

The aim of Elisava Fall Pavilion 2022 workshop has been to revisit Buckminster Fuller, Frei Otto and Yona Friedman and build a pavilion following some of their principles. B-LINK, a humble response to these grandiose views of a brave new future, has been designed and built by more than 30 people from the Master’s Degree in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces (MEATS) and the Master’s Degree in Design through New Materials (MDTNM).

Its non-hierarchical constructive system allows an organic way of growing, thanks to the simultaneous intervention of a multiplicity of minds and hands coming from very diverse backgrounds.

A set of 30x60mm and 30x30mm wooden sticks are assembled in irregular angles with the only requirement of a drill and the aim of acquiring structural stability. Avoiding right angles facilitates the job for non-experts and allows a bottom-up design that takes place directly on the construction site, without the need for detailed drawings. In order to complete the pavilion, a tensile fabric covers the built volume, using glasses to mediate the tectonic and the textile systems.


Master’s Degree in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces (MEATS) + Master’s Degree in Design through New Materials (MDTNM), Elisava School of Design and Engineering (UVic-UCC) | 2022-2023

Faculty: Mireia Luzárraga + Alex Muiño (TAKK architecture) & Mariana Rodrigues

Students: Shayda Alsharif, Renata Bricio, Silvia Campanini, Ilayda Celep, Teresa Colombo, Daan Daniels, Bea Fernández, Maria Font, Natalia Hernández, Shao-En Hsu, Yi-Chieh Huang, Adam Kus, Yen-Chen Lee, Melanie Leon, Marius Melissas, Nayeli Mendez, Luisa Mextorf, Francesca Moroni, Lorna Mulero, Julia Park, Rosa Pottenkulam, Mara Quirarte, Flor Quirce, Ana Ruyra, Paola Sala, Hannah Skevington, Iakovina Syrianou, Juliana Vas, Medha Vyas, Hong-Kuan Wang, Siran Yeghikyan, Abdelrahman Zahraan

Directors: Roger Paez + Toni Montes (MEATS) & Laura Clèries + Laura Freixas (MDTNM)

Photos: Jose Hevia