The Elisava building, with more than 11,000 m² of facilities, is located on La Rambla, in the heart of Barcelona, in one of the most emblematic parts of the city, just a short stroll from the Mediterranean Sea. We have specialized workshops and laboratories, outdoor spaces, conference rooms and exhibition rooms, multi-purpose classrooms, in addition to other educational spaces in different parts of the city, which are part of the Distributed School project.

Prototype Workshop

In this 175 m² workshop you can make prototypes, scale models and mock-ups; you can manipulate, transform and experiment with materials for projects related to expression, representation or verification. The space is outfitted with machines and tools for working mainly with wood and its derivatives, polyurethane foam, metals and plastics. It offers various digital manufacturing, laser cutting and engraving services. There are three 3D printers (a Stratasys F170, a Sigmax BCN3D and an Ultimaker3 E), two CNC milling machines, a paint booth, a copying lathe and a plastic thermoforming machine.

Introduction course to the Prototype Workshop
3D Printers from BCN3D
Woodworking, polyurethane foam, metal and plastics machinery

Media Lab

The Medialab is a laboratory for audio-visual research and production (photography, video and post-production) and interactive systems. It has two areas: the chroma keying space and the photography space, where you can work on your projects using the following material: a microphone system, a Black Magic 4K camera, a Lumix Gh2 camera, a GoPro Hero3 camera, an OPTOMA X316 full-HD projector, a continuous lighting (photo/video) system, Leapmotion sensors, a Panasonic Lumix FZ45, a Sony DCR SX 30E, a Sony Alpha 7, a Nikon D5600, a Nikon D5000, and a Zenza Bronica, among others.

Product Shooting, Master in Furniture Design
Shooting Interactive Experiences, Degree in Design
Product shooting, Degree in Design

Motion Capture – MoCap Room

This room is configured for motion capture and processing with 12 special Optitrack Prevalgui 13 cameras, two uniforms with Motion Capture Suit movement markers, a computer loaded with Motive’s Optitrack software, and a plasma screen to watch the results in real time. Additionally, there is a recording booth for AHA Radio’s podcasts and other projects. Remember to book your time via email and read the user manual!

Elisava Racing Team tracking session, Degree in Industrial Design Engineering
Elisava Racing Team tracking session, Degree in Industrial Design Engineering
Elisava Racing Team tracking session, Degree in Industrial Design Engineering

AHA Radio

AHA Radio podcast recording booth, university online radio platform and self-managed by students open to any member of the community. AHA Radio has a wide range of programmes: from interviews and talkies on subjects such as artificial intelligence, nature, fashion, or the environment, to content related to music, film and design.

Recording of the podcast Lolamento, Sara Barcons and Mònica Busquets
Recording of the podcast Made in Elisava, David Sabaté

Graphic Workshop

A space to experiment with different printing (manual, mechanical or digital) and manipulation techniques that are involved in making graphic prototypes and models. It is equipped with the necessary tools and machines (both manual and digital) for printing and binding, an adhesive vinyl cutter, a sublimation printer to transfer designs from paper to a material, a cricut for making any type of cut on different types of materials, and two large-format inkjet printers to reproduce any type of image on high-quality paper.

Download the Graphic Workshop guide

Large format printing workshop
Workshop with Patrick Thomas, Master in Editorial Design
Workshop with Paula López-Nuño and Nicolás Cevallos, Master Beyond Branding
Graphic Workshop

Science and Technology Laboratory

This workshop is devoted to materials science. The goal of this laboratory is to offer you the experience of working in a professional lab with your own engineering tools. The laboratory is equipped with measuring tools for characterizing different materials based on their physical properties.

Tensile testing of materials, Martin Koch
Presentation of the European project Material Designers, Elisava Research
Presentation of the European project Material Designers, Elisava Research
New materials creation workshop with Martin Koch

Electronics and Interaction Laboratory

This is a space for practical work and experimentation in electronics and interactive technology. It is outfitted with the necessary equipment for the design and measurement of electronic circuits (power sources, oscilloscopes, multimetres, breadboards, discrete components, etc.) and for the assembly of interactive prototypes, both in physical format (Arduino kits, sensors, actuators, welding kits, etc.) and in virtual or augmented reality.

Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering
Robotic arm workshop with Rafa Prat
Workshop Elisava Racing Team
Arduino practices
Programming for 3D printing

Space Workshop and Materials Library

The workshop is a place to work and share knowledge and experiences related to the use of different materials and the construction of models related to space design. It is equipped with precision machinery for making scale models (band saw, sander, metal cutter, drill, circular saw and other specific tools), as well as a materials library for the spatial construction.

Scale model workshop
Scale model workshop

3D Lab

Thanks to the company BCN3D, we have four large-format Epsilon W50 and W37 printers, which you can use to 3D print your academic projects using different materials.

Prototype printing in the 3D Lab
Prototype printing in the 3D Lab
Prototype printing in the 3D Lab

Bio Lab

The Biolab has the following equipment: microscope, stereoscope, ceramic hotplate, petri dishes, precision scales, a 3D printer for soft materials, pipettes, and a laminar flow hood for handling biohazardous agents safely and under sterile conditions. Book your time on the Biolab Teams page.

Analysis and measurement in the Bio Lab
Analysis and measurement in the Bio Lab with Juan Crespo
Analysis and measurement in the Bio Lab with Juan Crespo

Other spaces


Student Lounge

You can use the Student Lounge to study, do group work, meet your friends, have a coffee or have some rest.

Cafeteria and Terraces

The cafeteria is open for breakfast, lunch, and snacks or drinks between classes. You can eat on the first- and third-floor terraces and enjoy the Barcelona sun.

Agora and Atrium

These are the university’s two main exhibition spaces. They organize an annual programme of exhibitions of student projects from all areas of design and engineering taught at the school, including undergraduate Final Degree Projects or Master’s Final Projects, among others. They are located on the first floor.

Sala Aleix Carrió

Located on the first floor, it is Elisava’s auditorium. It is used to hold lectures, master classes, workshops, etc. Most of the events are broadcasted live and are recorded for the university’s YouTube channel.

Computer Rooms

In addition to using the computers in any of the classrooms, you will be able to work in these spaces equipped with PCs (Windows 10), Macs and specific software for design and engineering applications.

Lockers and Project Checkroom

You can use the lockers during the day or request a space for your models in the project checkroom.

Water Fountains

You’ll find water fountains on every floor of the university. Bring your water bottle from home!

Bicycle Parking

Come to Elisava by bike and park it at the university.

The Distributed School

TMDC Workshop

The TMDC is an industrial workshop of more than 2,000 m2 equipped with portable power tools, industrial machinery and CNC machinery to work with wood, iron and plastic. As an Elisava student, you will have access to this workshop; some class sessions and presentations will also be held here.

Workshop with Kave Home, Degree in Design
Workshop with Kave Home, Degree in Design
Furniture Design Workshop at TMDC, Degree in Industrial Design Engineering
Furniture Design Workshop at TMDC, Degree in Industrial Design Engineering
Furniture Design Workshop at TMDC, Degree in Industrial Design Engineering
Furniture Design Presentation at TMDC, Degree in Industrial Design Engineering

Gràcia Fab Lab

This space, owned by the Barcelona City Council, is used for education and the creation of digital manufacturing projects associated with new technologies and digital manufacturing.

Workshop Materials Driven Design Studio, Master in Design through New Materials
TechDay with Ron Wakkary, Degree in Industrial Design Engineering
TechDay – Ateneu de Fabricació de Gràcia, Degree in Industrial Design Engineering
TechDay – Ateneu de Fabricació de Gràcia, Degree in Industrial Design Engineering

Elisava Engineering Lab

This multidisciplinary workspace is intended for developing projects and Final Degree Projects for the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering and the Degree in Design and Innovation such as the Elisava Racing Team and Trustto.

Work in progress, Elisava Racing Team
Work in progress, Elisava Racing Team
Work in progress, Elisava Racing Team
Global Project Presentation at IDEAL Barcelona, Degree in Design
Global Project Presentation at the Sala Apolo, Degree in Design
Presentation Interactive Experiences in Hangar, Degree in Design
Shooting in TOP Studios, Degree in Design
Global Project Presentation in Urbine, Degree in Design