Dr. Pere Llorach

Pere Llorach


Pere Llorach Massana is an Engineer in Industrial Design by Elisava (2010) and has a PhD in Environmental Science and Technology by Autonomous University of Barcelona (2017). He is the Head of Sustainability at Elisava where he defines the educational content regarding design and sustainability for the Degree in Industrial Design. Moreover, he manages and participates in projects in the field of design and circular economy. 

As researcher he has participated in the ECO-SCP-MED (2013-2014) and Life AQUAENVEC (2014-2015) European Projects and in two national projects: the Fertilecity I (2014-2016) and Fertilecity II (2017). Now, he coordinates the European Project MaDe (Materials Designer) which intends to promote and educate the emergent profile of the material designer, in the context of a circular economy. 

He has published 7 scientific articles, 5 of them in first quartile journals, and has made 8 scientific contributions in international conferences in the fields of sustainability, agriculture, green cities and the life cycle assessment methodology. Additionally, he has written book chapters related to eco-design topics. In 2018, he collaborated as invited editor in “Temes de disseny” journal from Elisava for an edition focused on discussing the interactions between matter and human beings. 

He believes that design can help to create more fair societies, socially inclusive and balanced with nature. He considers we have exceeded the limits of growth and that we are aggressive with the environment that surrounds us and with ourselves as human beings. He thinks that we need a social revolution to change the way we communicate, our consumption habits and the concept of that life we believe deserves to be lived.