Oriol Miró

Oriol Miró y Genovart

PhD Candidate

Barcelona-based freelance calligrapher since 1994. His work includes collaborations and commissions for advertising agencies, graphic designers, museums, television, networks and publishing companies. His area of research is calligraphy, art and typography. He has been working as a freelance calligrapher since 1994, and teaching calligraphy since 1995. His approach to calligraphy is always structural and never decorative. The main interest to Oriol is to understand lettershapes and its relation to each other, that is the spaces between.

His focus is also in the relation between calligraphy and art and expression. He teaches in several Barcelona universities and private schools: calligraphy teacher at Escola Elisava (UPF) since 1995, typography teacher at Escola IDEP since 2006 and calligraphy teacher in the Master’s in Advanced Typography at Escola Eina (UAB) since 2008. Also, since 2015 he is head coordinator and teacher in the Calligraphy Department at Escola Visions in Barcelona. They have three calligraphy levels there: Beginner Course, Annual Course of Calligraphy and Advanced Course of Calligraphy.

Publications: "Hand to Type" (Ed. Gestalten), "Los Logos 6" (Ed. Gestalten), "Diseño e impresión de la tipografía" (Ediciones CPG), "Letterforms 2012: The Briem Report" (, "Letter Arts Review".

Studies: BA in Arts (University of Southampton, 2012), Chemical Engineer (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 1997) and Graphic Designer (Escola Elisava, 1993).

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