Juan crespo

Juan Crespo


PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Barcelona (IBEC, CMRB), Master in Biomedical Engineering, UB-UPC (IBEC), Degree in Design from the UPC and Technical Engineering in Industrial Design from Elisava.

His research area focuses on design and living systems. He studies the relationship between nature and technology and connects in a transdisciplinary way these two areas of knowledge, projecting them from a nexus position. In his previous research at IBEC and CMRB, he deepened in the manufacture of living artificial tissues (cells + scaffold + stimulation) within the framework of regenerative medicine. He developed living cardiac textiles with iPSC cells, later maturing it in an electromechanical stimulation device (OEPM patent M.D.U. 201630561) with the aim of replacing and stimulating the regeneration of the myocardium damaged by a rodent infarction.

Currently his interest is focused on investigating the relationship between the living and the inert: how in the near future engineering and design will integrate living systems as another component. Academically, his objective is that this knowledge transcends the classroom, making science and biomimetics act as a catalyst when it comes to projecting. Making design and living systems the basis of a new project methodology.

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