Pilar Mellado

Dra. Pilar Mellado


Degree in Industrial Delineation and Diploma in Technical Engineering in Industrial Design from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, where she after took her Master's Degree in Design Engineering, in the specialty of Product, which gave her the opportunity to complete her doctoral thesis in Doctoral Programme in Design, Manufacturing and Management of Industrial Projects of the same university, ended in December 2015.

In parallel, she has worked in the private industry sector, expanding her knowledge in planimetry and Computer Aided Drawing, to through tools like SolidWorks or AutoCad. In companies such as Future Fibers Rigging Systems S.L. or Power Electronics S.L. Stage in which she also completed the Master's Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention, in the specialty of Safety in Industry.

Specialist in technical drawing, analysis and aesthetics of the product, lover of Emotional Design and the field of Interaction, she is a professor of Elisava since September 2016 in several subjects in the area of ​​Projects and Product Development, in addition to collaborating in the Master's Degree in Design and Product Development directed by Josep Puig i Cabeza. She combines this task with her collaborations in different national magazines such as "Experimenta", "Room Diseño", "Revista per a l'Estudi del Moble" (Barcelona), and "Duplex" (Valencia). At the same time that she was working to get her Doctoral Thesis "Pedro Miralles Claver: análisis y estudio de su trayectoria profesional" in book format, which has recently been published by the publisher, Experimenta.

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