Danae Esparza

Danae Esparza


Danae Esparza is a professor and Head of Studies of the Degree in Design at the Elisava University School in Barcelona. She teaches and writes about design methodology, design research and future skills. She is currently leading a Creative Europe project "Decoding European Creative Skills" where a digital tool has been developed to map the creative competences of young designers with the aim of facilitating their incorporation into the workplace.

She holds a PhD in Public Space and Urban Regeneration from the University of Barcelona, where she carried out the thesis "The design of the floor: The role of the pavement in the creation of the image of the city". Author of several articles on this subject, including the book "Barcelona a ras de suelo”, published in 2017. Danae holds a Master in Urban Design from the University of Barcelona and a Master in Design Critical Practice from Goldsmith University of London.

She has been involved in the Research Group Polis: Art, City and Society from the University of Barcelona between 2010-2014 in participatory projects for the design of inclusive public space in peripheral neighbourhoods of the city of Barcelona.