Carla Molins

PhD Candidate

Carla was Born in 1991. She received her degree in Graphic Design from ELISAVA, Barcelona School of Design & Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southampton (Winchester, UK) with excellent qualifications. Annihilation, her final degree project, was awarded a Laus bronze prize.

She continued her education at UOC, audiovisual business management, and Interaction design. Currently Design and Technology MFA '19 Candidate (Parsons, The New School, New York) as La Caixa Fellow. Information Visualization Faculty at the Strategic Design & Management BBA (Parsons, The New School, New York). Parsons/ Verizon Design Jam, most critical design Award. "Enlightening Dark Matter".

The overarching goal of her personal research project is to visualize scientific concepts whose complexity has rendered them too difficult to represent in science museum exhibits as an example of popular science.

Hence, CRG Ph.D. Studies research will serve as a tremendous opportunity to serve to the scientific community with a visual and experimental approach to achieve a proper systemization. As a creative technologist and researcher, I have been working to provide the public with representations of how the universe works through the creation of experimental physical artifacts that convey complex ideas such as black holes, dark matter and astrophysical phenomena that currently remain abstract theory.

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