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Materials & Wellbeing

The research of this center focuses on improving the quality of life and the well-being of both people and the planet, delivering circular design solutions and materials, healthy spaces and products, and health and care solutions.

The research lines are:
  • Circular and active materials: We investigate the importance of materials in the decarbonization of the planet and in the circular economy, creatively devising solutions with the aim of providing regenerative consumption. We also promote sustainability through the development of applications with advanced materials in wearables and in dynamic multifunctional products and systems.
  • Design for wellbeing: We understand human well-being as holistic: physical, emotional and spiritual. We decode through quantitative methodologies and neuro technologies the emotional states of users, in order to provide spaces and products for healthy life and workspaces.
  • Engineering for health: We investigate health and care solutions for hacking and monitoring the body, focusing on advanced materials, sensing capabilities and individual health data management; on regenerative digital biofabrication and on the development of medical devices, including brain interfaces.

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