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Engineering for Health & Design for Wellbeing

Health and care are becoming increasingly a focus of innovation and financial investment. Staying healthy in a rapid changing society, living and working in a health-promoting environments, tackling diseases and reducing disease burden, and ensuring inclusive access to innovative, sustainable and high-quality health care are mandatory at policy level.

Anna Mª del Corral, PhD, Decoding Well-Being
Jessica Fernández, PhD, Engineering for Health

Engineering for health and design for wellbeing work towards the improvement of individual and collective quality of life based on the interdisciplinary combination of scientific knowledge in life and health sciences, materials science, user research and patient experience, neuroarchitecture, and advanced and integrated technologies.


Key innovations, technology transfer and entrepreneurship projects combine design and design engineering towards the detection of innovation paths and novel products for healthcare-related industries, in the deployment of healthier and wellness work and hospitality spaces, on patent-winning non-invasive biometric monitoring solutions, or in the digital fabrication of bio-friendly scaffolds.