material-designers-01 FIX, Maria Mei Bellsolà, Núria Fandos, Mario Sanz

Material Designers

Everything around us are materials. They are at the core of innovation, being defined at the early decision of design development, generating an impact that influences industry, society and even cultural values.

Leader: Dra. Marta González


Material-driven innovation allows for new business initiatives being developed, more sustainable solutions found, and more creative design processes put into place. Regenerative materials, material activism, healthy materials, crafting heritage, phygital materiality are some of the paths for this transdisciplinary exchange between research and industry.


Key innovations, technology transfer and entrepreneurship projects work in transforming product brands towards a sustainable use of materials and a sustainability mindset, in evaluating the ecological impact of retail products and how to generate a
circular Product-Service-System, in developing zero-waste material systems, or in the application of materials selection criteria and materials properties towards lengthening the life cycle of products and interiors.