creativr-think-do-tank-02 VIBE, Elisava Research

Creative Think & Do Tank

The research at this centre is based on the theory and methodology of design, of futures research, and of communication tools, with the aim of promoting design and creativity as a strategic business asset and driver of innovation as well as innovative and meaningful forms of communication for people.

The research lines are:
  • Futures Now: The objective is to investigate sociocultural megatrends and macro-trends based on design as an indicator, and with futures research, co-creation, participatory and scenario planning methodologies.
  • Decoding Creative Processes and Design Pedagogy: creative skills, creative methods, think between the future of creative jobs and industry needs, and design pedagogy at University level.
  • Information visualization: We investigate on data visualization, visual communication formats and empathic communication formats in order to empower the citizen and facilitate new transdisciplinary forms of communication in the context of scientific research.

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