Research Groups & Labs

Our research and innovation capabilities and our research group are organised and structured around our Research Centers, that demonstrate the areas in which we academically excel. These areas cover the methodological assets of design, the scientific contributions to sustainability through materials and to human well-being, and the scientific contributions to social innovation understanding the phygital nature of our societies.

Research Labs

Our Research Labs provide direct transfer from academic applied research into the commercial sphere in the form of innovation products for institutions and companies, focusing on these sector areas: Health and Well-being, Food Design, Eco-materials and Eco-design, and the City. We collaborate through industrial PhDs, R+d+i Chairs, Contract research, Patents, Licensing, or other public funding mechanisms for incitement of innovation in companies.

Spin off

Visions By People about Materials Culture.

Visions By is a knowledge platform with the objective of generating awareness through materials beyond their physical properties and considering materials as a new titled discipline that emerges from a design context.