Public Projects

MaDe - Material Designers

+ Partners: Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Elisava, Politecnico di Milano, Ma-tt-er.

+ Team: Laura Clèries, PhD; Marta González, PhD; Pere Llorach, PhD.

MaDe (Material Designers), a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of The European Union, aims at boosting talents towards circular economies across Europe through partnering of design and cultural institutions.

MaDe is a competition, event series and platform devoted to realizing the positive impact material designers can have across all creative sectors, by providing creative solutions towards more sustainable futures. MaDe will showcase 120 Material Designers, 9 Partners, 6 Workshops, 3 Cities, 3 Exhibitions, 3 Winners and 1 Awards Ceremony.

MaDe aims to bring together creative professionals and students, industrial partners, experts and institutions concerned about the circular economy.