Public Projects

CAMS - Adapted Motosharing Services

+ Partners: Seat SA, XMOBA motosharing service, Nano-Care Deutschland
+ Team: Francesc Ribot, PhD; Silvia Escursell; Gemma Delgado.


COVID-19 is jeopardizing the financial viability of freefloating motosharing. The decrease in the number of users can jump up to the 26% (latest mobility polls) with its corresponding revenues decrease. Along with this decrease comes an increase in the operation costs due to sanitation. Liquid Guard® by Nano-Care is a nanotechnology that, applied in the surfaces, is able to eliminate virus, microbial, bacterial and fungus, without additional human intervention, reducing service providers costs and increasing users safety. Barcelona, as the European city with the highest rate of motorbikes per inhabitant, is the perfect city to test Liquid Guard® against COVID in motosharing services.

+ Liquid Guard® Product Validation.
+ Liquid Guard® Operation defined (application operational procedure)
+ MotoSharing users behavior and fears of COVID-19.
+ XMOBA Motosharing service viability.
+ Liquid Guard® Mobility services aplicability.