Academic Research

At Elisava Research we see design and engineering not only as a field of research in its own right, but also as being intrinsically in dialogue with other branches of knowledge. Specifically, Elisava Research forges transdisciplinary connections between design/engineering and other fields to make an impact in the following ways:

Design/Engineering + Human

Towards improving the quality of life and well-being of individuals.

Design/Engineering + Information

Towards innovative and meaningful ways of communicating. 

Design/Engineering + Materials 

Towards environmental and cultural responsibility through materials development and new production processes.

Design/Engineering + Technology

Towards meaningful applications of technology and extended intelligence.

Design/Engineering + Society 

Towards social and systemic innovation and critical thinking that supports emerging cultural megatrends.

In terms of methodologies, Elisava Research practises both research in design and research for design, but mainly strives to produce knowledge by means of research through design and design-driven futures research methodologies.

Research lines

Decoding Creative Process
Decoding Creative Process
Decoding Well-Being
Decoding Well-being
Smart and Advanced Materials
Smart and Advanced Materials
Circular Materials Design
Circular Materials Design
Design 4 City Making
Design for City Making
Designing with Extended Intelligence
Elisava Research
Information Visualization
Information Visualization. Elisava Research
Futures Now
Futures Now

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