Research lines

PHYGITAL TRANSFORMATIONS - Technology for the people

Partner: Ajuntament de Sant Boi de Llobregat, Fundació Bancària "la Caixa", Ajuntament de Barcelona, Pla de Barris Raval Sud i Gòtic Sud, Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability (DESIS Network).
Team: Dr. Ariel Guersenzvaig, Dr. Jonathan Chacón, Dr. Roger Paez, Dra. Danae Esparza, Dr. Toni Llàcer, Paolo Sustersic, Manuela Valtchanova, Tona Monjo.

The research at this center is based on the intersection between Technology and Society, with the objective of understanding how technology is imbued in society, providing ethical and meaningful applications of technology and extended intelligence, as well as favouring social innovation, culture and critical thinking that support systemic changes. The topics addressed are the following: 

  • Systemic Social Innovation: Building social cohesion, developing and integrating the community, as well as stimulating urban development, its regeneration and infrastructure. Exploration of cultural, production, service and health aspects, and of space, both in their physical and digital versions. 
  • Digital Design ethics and inclusivity: We investigate the ethical and social effects of the development of new digital technologies, taking into account inclusiveness and gender aspects. Also the development of user-centered methodologies (UX and UI). 

#SystemicInnovation #SocietalResilience #DesignandEthics #DesignandInclusivity #CityTransformations #DesignForCityMaking #Territory #DeGrowth #EconomyForThePeople #PurposefulTech #CriticalDesign 

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