Material Designers: Materials and Culture, New Territories, New Aesthetics and New Rituals

The exhibition 'Materials and Culture, New Territories, New Aesthetics and New Rituals' explores the attitudes towards cultural challenges that have material as a protagonist. In these new challenges, the material takes over new designs in search of its more social and cultural perspective. 

Amalia Puga, Laura Badía, Claudia López, Benedikt Dietz and Juan Peréz are the 5 students participating in this exhibition with projects that have been developed in the Undergraduate Degree in Design and the Master's Degree in Design Through New Materials

The award-winning project 'Entre Redes' by Amalia Puga incorporates the redeira craftswomen of the fishing village of A Guarda, promoting collaborative work between women in order to revalue and give life to craftsmanship. 

'Revivir' by Laura Badía is a project that seeks to give a second chance to materials that we currently see as waste, transforming them into small pieces full of personality, colour and life with the involvement of Saharawi society. 

Claudia López presents 'Gum Stool', the reinterpretation of everyday furniture into a tactile experience. A stool that uses giant latex balloons as a souvenir of children's parties. Each one is filled with different materials, creating different textures and sensations. 

Finally, Benedikt Peirotén questions the waste management system in his piece 'LOS VAGABUNDOS STOOL' and Juan Pérez in 'Forgotten Matter' explores how, by dwelling on habits through attentive observation, we become aware of their totality and this allows us to make them visible as matter.

Material Designers
Material Designers
Material Designers