Research lines

MATERIALS AND WELL-BEING - Well-being for the human and the planet

Partner: Eurecat, Politecnico di Milano, Ma-tt-er, University of Santiago de Chile, RADE – Red Académica de Diseño y Emoción - Mexico DF, Eurecat - Digital Humanities, IBEC, BCN3D.
Team: PhD. Anna Mª del Corral, PhD. Marta González, PhD. Pere Llorach, PhD. Martin Koch, PhD. Juan Crespo, PhD. Ricardo Guasch, PhD. Ainoa Abella, Maria Araya, Judit González.

The research of this center is based on the intersection between Human and Materials, with the objective of improving the quality of life and the well-being of people and the planet, contemplating environmental and cultural responsibility through the development of materials and new production processes. The topics addressed are the following: 

  • Circular and active materials: We investigate the importance of materials in the decarbonization of the planet and in the circular economy, creatively devising solutions with the aim of providing regenerative consumption. We also promote sustainability through the development of applications with advanced materials in wearables and in dynamic multifunctional products and systems. 
  • Decoding Well-Being: We understand human well-being as holistic: physical, emotional and spiritual. We decode through quantitative methodologies and neuro technologies the emotional states of users, in order to provide spaces and products for healthy life and work and well-being. 
  • Bio-fabrication: We investigate new manufacturing formats thanks to digital technologies and bio-manufacturing, and their importance in the generation of new value chains, circular and sustainable manufacturing formats, and responsible and innovative use of resources and raw materials. 

#CircularEconomy #NewMaterials #MaterialsDesigners #EmotionalWellbeing #HealthSpaces #HealthyMaterials #Bio-fabrication 

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