CREATIVE THINK AND DO TANK - Resilience through creativity

+ Partners: Oslo School of Design and Architecture, Politecnico di Milano, University of the Arts London, Domestic Data Streamers, CRG, Eindhoven University of Technology (TUe), Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (FHS), elBulliFoundation, Cumulus.

+ Researchers: Juan Jesús Arrausi, PhD; Laura Clèries, PhD; Ramón Faura, PhD; Albert Fuster, PhD; Danielle Porretta, PhD; Oscar Tomico, PhD;  Rafael Pozo, PhD;  Francesc Ribot, PhD.

+ PhD candidates: Guim Espelt, Saúl Baeza, Cristina Taverner, Carla Molins, Jessica Fernandez, Rebeca Font, Oriol Miró.

The research at this centre is based on the theory and methodology of design and futures research, as well as communication tools, with the aim of promoting creativity as a driver of innovation and promoting innovative and meaningful forms of communication for people. The topics addressed are the following: 

  • Futures Now: The objective is to investigate sociocultural megatrends and macro-trends based on design as an indicator, and with futures research, co-creation, participatory and scenario planning methodologies. 
  • Decoding Creative Processes: Application of the scientific method to decode creative processes and understanding creative competencies as transversal and necessary for various sectors, not only the creative, in order to innovate towards new work models and in decision-making processes. 
  • Information visualization: We investigate on data visualization, visual communication formats and empathic communication formats in order to empower the citizen and facilitate new transdisciplinary forms of communication in the context of scientific research. 

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