About us

Elisava Research is the R&D department of Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering. Our work aims to help build an innovative, ethical, sustainable and healthy society via research through design and engineering. We are constantly asking ourselves the question: What role do design and engineering have in responding to present and future challenges? 

Our mission is to generate impact and transfer knowledge in academic, industrial and cultural contexts, and to society as a whole.

As a research group, we are an innovation driver whose vision is to shake the foundations of established academic, humanistic, industrial, cultural and societal mindsets, using design and engineering as our tools. Our research and professional community strongly believe that, given the paradigm shifts of the 21st century, designers and engineers must become problem solvers, humanists, strategists and agents of change.

Elisava Research is a vibrant group of academic researchers in the fields of design and engineering and a solid ecosystem of international partners and collaborators who are all working to achieve excellence in research through design. Elisava Research has managed to gain recognition for this type of research as a valid research discipline, having been officially designated as an Emerging Research Group by Generalitat de Catalunya.