Doctoral Studies

We offer third-cycle training, with a solid scientific scope, in which qualified doctors with six-year research years participate, within the framework of the Doctoral programs of the PhD UVic-UCC School of our central university.

With the purpose of expanding the scope of doctoral exploration, we collaborate with other reference centers, as well as with a wide network of universities, both nationally and internationally. The objective of our research group is to achieve excellence in “research through design”, recognizing design and engineering not only as fields of research, but also as transdisciplinary research tools that are intrinsically in dialogue with other branches of the knowledge. To get started in research you can take the University Master in Applied Research in Design, which allows access to a doctoral program.


Elisava Research has managed to gain recognition for this type of research as a valid research discipline, having been officially designated as an Consolidated Research Group by Generalitat de Catalunya.

As University, we offer the full spectrum for developing an academic professional path, from undergraduate degrees, official graduate studies, and PhD studies. The thesis topics fall into the expertise of our Research Groups, Creative Think and Do Thank, Materials & Wellbeing and Phygital Transformations.

We open a limited number of Elisava Research Fellowships (Elisava Research, European competitive projects, or Industrial PhDs). The open positions are communicated through our channels. We also welcome PhDs that are self-financed or financed by other entities. Should you be interested in undertaking a PhD, please fill in the form below.

Do you want to do a PhD with Elisava Research?