Design Does*

Aimed at the wider public, 'Design does. For better and for worse' is an exhibition that collectively explores the ways in which design responds to the global challenges that face our society – sometimes improving things; sometimes doing the opposite.

The project aims to transcend the limits of space, time and other conventional formats, and focuses on design’s responsibility with regard to industry, human beings, social systems and cultural values. It also reflects on the role designers have and will have in the future as humanistic and strategic problem solvers and/or agents of change.

The exhibition is based on the responses of 15 groups of local and international designers to a set of questions about today’s biggest challenges: sustainability, connectivity, marginalisation, consumerism, innovation, new materials and so on. It thereby seeks to establish a dialogue with the public, encouraging participation and the generation of knowledge that nourishes the transdisciplinary practice of design.

The exhibition is accompanied by the Design Does Forum and the publication of the Design Does book.