Decoding: Zoom in Design

The Decoding: Zoom in Design exhibition was curated by Elisava Research and on display at Arts Santa Mònica in 2017. The exhibition was meant to introduce academics and professionals in the design field to the research on the creative process and creative skills undertaken by Elisava Research.

A path incorporating several elements related to the design process guided visitors through the exhibition space, shedding light on ideas such as design ontology; the design process; creative skills; and capturing the imperceptible.

This physical path allowed the visitors to experience the creative process up close. The exhibition was rounded off by a number of projects by Elisava students which demonstrated this methodology.

With Decoding: Zoom in Design, Elisava Research demonstrated itself as a powerful force for examining and evaluating design. This exhibition was complemented by the Design Does exhibition at the Barcelona Design Museum in spring 2018.