Juan Jesús Arrausi, PhD

Coordinator of the Pedagogical Area, Professor of the Degree in Design

CEO Teaching Designers Alliance
Doctor by the University of Barcelona
Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Euskal Herriko Universitatea
Interuniversity Master in Educational Psychology
Master in Design by the Schule für Gestaltung, Basel, Switzerland

Designer, professor and apprentice. He has been a professor at the Art Center (Europe) and has made various teaching collaborations with schools and institutions in Spain, Italy, Switzerland and the UK. He has taught at the Faculties of Fine Arts of Bilbao and Cuenca, and at the design schools EINA and ESDI, Barcelona. From 1996 to the present he has occupied several positions in Elisava: professor, coordinator, area manager and co-director of the Master’s Degree in Design and Communication (MUDIC). Since 2006 he is an associate professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication of the Pompeu Fabra University. He gives lectures, training workshops and writes articles on typography and pedagogy. He has recently completed the Interuniversity Master in Educational Psychology (MIPE). He is the CEO of Teaching Designers Alliance. He is coordinator of SINTEdi pedagogical research-intervention team. Since 2018-19, he also is the coordinator of the Pedagogical Area of Elisava.

As a graphic designer he has collaborated in the Miguel Milá studio in Barcelona and in design and architecture studios: Hito, LG & A and Irudi, Vizcaya. He was graphic designer for the Swiss Association of Skull-Brain Traumatic. He developed a project within the Ikea-Stiftung programme, called “Education in Letterform design”. He works as a freelance in graphic design, corporate identity and editorial design.
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