Dr. Juan Crespo

Professor of the Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering and the Undergraduate Degree in Design

I am currently a researcher at TR2Lab (Tissue Repair and Regeneration Lab), UVIC and research leader in Engineering, design & living systems at Elisava Research

At Elisava I explore the fusion between materials, design, bioengineering and living systems, within the framework of industrial design engineering. Seeking to generate trans-disciplinary connections between these areas of knowledge, and thus acting as a link between science and engineering, design and biology.

At the scientific level, I investigate the potential contribution of industrial design engineering with 3D printing and living systems. Experimenting with design and different 3D printing techniques to generate scaffolds in a tissue engineering context. Integrating my background in living artificial tissues, particularly in the design and regeneration of human cardiac tissue (cell+scaffold+stimulation), and expanding the avenues of exploration.

My interest currently focuses on researching and reflecting on the future of the relationship between the living and the inert. How engineering will integrate living systems as intrinsic components. My task at Elisava focuses on advancing this line of research and bringing this knowledge into the classroom, using design and living systems as a new methodological, project and teaching vector.
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