Dra. Esther Brosa

Professor of the Degree in Design

Coordinator and Professor of the Degree in Design
Professor of the Master’s Degree in Interior Design. Private perimeters

Architect by the ETSAB-UPC (1989) and doctor by the UPC (2010). Postgraduate Diploma in Writing and Architecture by the IDEC-UPF (2003) and several courses and participation in conferences on design and interior space.

Dr. Esther Brosa is Academic Coordinator of the Degree in Design, professor of design and technology subjects and professor of the Master’s Degree in Design of the Interior Space. Private Perimeters She has also taught in various subjects related to the habitat and, at present, she teaches the subject Techniques in Space Design. She held the position of Head of Technical Architecture Studies, responsible for TFGs and for the first course in Interior Design Projects.

She has developed her professional activity in architecture especially in the field of housing both new construction and rehabilitation, as well as interior design. This is a topic of special interest in the study of typologies and innovative solutions that she developed in his doctoral thesis.

In the institutional sphere, he has been a member of the Board of the Architects’ Association of Catalonia and a member of the board of the Arquinfad. She has collaborated as Arquia/Documentary coordinator of the Caja de Arquitectos Foundation. She was also a member of the jury of the 2016 Fad Awards and a member of the Habitàcola 2019 panel.