Elisava Research is a vibrant community of academic researchers in the fields of design and engineering and a solid ecosystem of international exchanges with partners and visiting researchers. We lead the official Consolidated Research Group Research through Design (RtD) (GRC - 2021 SGR 01497).


ERFU - Functional Units

Maria Gracia Communication
Guim Espelt Publications
Cristina González Avendaño European Technical Office
Marc Valls Business and Entrepreneurship

Guest research staff

Danielle Wilde University of Southern Denmark
Thomas Østergaard VIA University, Denmark
Troy Nachtigall TU Eindhoven, Amsterdam Fashion Institute
Marina Castan Royal College of Art
Ron Wakkary Simon Fraser University
Angella Mackey Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Kristina Andersen Eindhoven University of Technology
David McCallum Eindhoven University of Technology