Systemic model of the design process for an engineering company that designs using advanced materials. Scientific exploration in intelligent inks


Jessica Fernández

Directed by

Javier Peña Andrés (Elisava), José María Manero (UPC

Published by

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Elisava



This doctoral thesis focuses on the design of a design process for an engineering design using advanced materials. One of the results obtained and with patent P201830504, is a graphene-based epidermal electronic ultrawearable that allows generating and storing personal data. It stands out as one of the results of the thesis, his Smart Skin 2.0 project that revolves around the possibilities of a new nanotechnology, an epidermal electronic ultra-wearable made of graphene-based materials that easily adheres to the body. Hypoallergenic, non-invasive and without the need to incorporate batteries, this second skin makes it possible to generate and store personal data in a non-invasive way.