Graphene: communication and knowledge transfer


Blanca Guasch Balcells

Directed by

Sergi Cortiñas (UPF), Marta González (Elisava)

Published by

Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Elisava



Graphene: communication and knowledge transfer through the online press and participatory design methodologies. The rapidity with which science evolves every day makes it almost impossible for society to be well informed about the latest scientific advances. This makes it difficult for decision-making and the public engagement in science. This thesis analyzes the communication that is being carried out on a relevant scientific advance in materials science: graphene, a two-dimensional material isolated for the first time in 2004, which has unique and exceptional properties. Besides that, a new communication channel for graphene is proposed through the application of participatory design methodologies in cooperative workshops with experts, non-experts, and high school students. The results reveal that the information transmitted in the press has a markedly positive tone; that electronics is the sector of greatest interest for the application of graphene, and that research and funding are the most commented topics, among others. On the other hand, participatory design methodologies have proven to be useful for connecting graphene with different industry sectors, with society, and with the educational field. Moreover, they provide other social, cultural, and economic benefits.

Keywords: Graphene, Science communication, Knowledge transfer, Participatory design methodologies, Design thinking, Public engagement with science, Online press, Legitimation, Dissemination and teaching.

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