Food Design as a link between design and gastronomy. The gastronomic experience in Catalonia from 2000 to 2020


Mariana Eidler

Directed by

Rafael Pozo, Ricardo Bonacho

Published by

Elisava, ISEC Lisboa



The social and cultural value of food has raised the interest of designers who, in order to approach it, have explored a new territory called Food Design. In this context, our research focuses on this concept understood as an agent of change that reflects on the design of food, food systems and all the elements involved in the action of eating. It also investigates the relationship of this concept with the discipline of design and gastronomy from the professional and academic perspectives with the interest of knowing how they interact and how they offer services, products and food experiences.

The research allows us to conclude that the territory that emerges from the intersection of the proposed fields of study design and food, – the Food Design – is recognized as a transdisciplinary territory. This relationship allows us to provide models of knowledge exchange that allow the transdisciplinary creation of new solutions for the food system and new models of knowledge.

This is why the proposal for a degree in Food Design is pertinent, as it provides a new professional profile in the field of food and/or design, with competencies in design and gastronomy with a holistic and transdisciplinary vision.

The Food Designer as a professional will be the link to create bridges that can bring both disciplines together and offer transdisciplinary solutions that take into consideration the difficult issues raised by the present and the future of food.

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