Conscious Ergonomics in Architecture. Information and interaction between the built environment, the human being and their integral wellbeing


María José Araya León

Directed by

Javier Peña Andrés (Elisava), Ricardo Guasch Ceballos (Elisava)

Published by

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Elisava



The relationship and interaction between the built environment and the human being and how this impacts on the performance, wellbeing and health of people is something that is constantly being researched and developed. Concerns about the well-being and health of workers have taken on greater emphasis since the era of industrialisation, where physical and organisational characteristics were presented as the main areas of impact on the understanding of man and machine. Ergonomics appears in this context as a discipline that deals with these problems and their effects on productivity. Today this discipline has been extended to other areas in the understanding of human activities, however, in practice there are still problems to be solved regarding the negative impact that the built environment can have on human beings.

Keywords: Built Environment; Indoor Space; Ergonomics; Consciousness; Piscology; Biology; Integral wellbeing; Perceived; Unperceived

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