Action Architecture. Socio-spatial practices for a critical intervention in the hypermodern city


Manuela Valtchanova

Directed by

Roger Paez, Martí Peran

Published by

Universitat de Barcelona, Elisava



In the current context of hypermodernity and deterritorialisation, our cities grow under constant mutations and transformations, where contemporary processes of globalisation increasingly diminish affective transactions between the individual and the built habitat. We are now faced with the need to rethink the architectural paradigm and develop new spatio-temporal strategies and new models of action in the city that claim spatial justice instead of continuing the construction of materialised ideologies and empty promises of happiness. Today, the right to stay in the city must be re-examined. From this need, the doctoral thesis aims to build the conceptual and operative framework of a socio-urban critical attitude, based on the common behaviours, detected in the landscape of discursive counter-appropriations and practices that emerge as a reaction to the crisis of the imposed social consensus, both of the Modern City and the Global City.

The interest in evolving the phenomenology of action as a propositional interventionist attitude builds the main hypothesis of this research and structures it from an interpretative and non-conclusive approach. The main objective is to articulate a body of socio-spatial strategies of critical intervention in the hypermodern city that we choose to call architecture of action.

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