Laura Clèries, Saúl Baeza


MAGMA France, Nemorin UK, by-wire


Creative Europe

VIBE is a project that addresses the future of curated cultural consumption and experience. Co-funded by the Creative Innovation Lab programme of the European Union, the project involves the curation of culture-generating creatives, the design of interconnected phygital immersive experiences and environments through tools such as a digital platform, a digital publication, audio-visual pieces and body wearables, with focus on impacting on Gen Z audiences as main culture future consumers. The main objective is to design the next generation museum’s content and experiences involving digital technologies, a sort of ‘sensorial Netflix of curated culture’, and implies the execution of a pilot experience in the form of an exhibition.

The agents helping in this transformational change of the cultural institutions are: Elisava Research, as main conceiver and coordinator of the project, and introducing new methodologies in curatorial and exhibition development processes; MAGMA France in mediation events; Nemorin UK in developing purposeful audio-visual productions; and by-wire, introducing wearable technology to enhance the visiting experience.


  • Scouting of the challenges and opportunities of the cultural sector through co-creation sessions and an analysis of the state of the art.
  • Active Activism Act (AAA) was the pilot exhibition of the VIBE project. It was exhibited physically in Barcelona and experienced digitally worldwide, establishing the proof of concept of innovation in cultural experiences, where culture and audio-visual are bridged through digital technologies.
  • More than 15 creative activists from all over Europe (Gen Z, between 18-24 years)
  • Physical exhibition: 7 days (from April 25th to May 1st), IDEAL Barcelona + 2 immersive experience concerts. 2.236 visitors.
  • Digital experience: 31 days (from May 1st to 31st), worldwide. 1.034 users.
  • Media impact: 71 pieces of coverage (317.875€ in economic impact).