Oscar Tomico, Marina Castán, Laia Orozco, Laura Clèries


Institut d’Arquitectura Avançada de Catalunya (IAAC), Stiftelsen Produktionstekniskt Centrum, Boras For Tekoindustrin, Città Studi SPA, Stichting Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Agrupació catalana del tèxtil i de la moda, Next Technology, New Order of Fashion, Ayuntamiento de Borås

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TRANSITIONS is a strategic alliance for innovation, which aims to create a collaborative environment in which market, textile and design professional needs can be detected, and thus develop new training methods to face the current digital and sustainable transformation.

TRANSITIONS fosters textile and fashion transition by developing new learning methods, tools and practices that help students, young designers and professionals, to face real challenges. To do this, it proposes a multidisciplinary pedagogical approach based on transition design theories, lean methodology, and disciplines and practices related to textiles, biology and digital manufacturing.
  • Creation of a modular training programme based on Industry 4.0 for a new circular system of fashion and textiles.
  • Establishment of training modules focused on innovation and based on real practices and challenges (transition labs) that enable training, retraining and improving the skills of students.
  • Development of new ways of generating innovation in textile and design processes, production and marketing.