Ricardo Guasch, Josep Maria Wennberg, Carles Mercader, María Jose Araya, Ainoa Abella, Jose Fernando López-Aguilar

Research Group

Materials & Wellbeing

Design of the workspaces of the headquarters of the renowned jewelry firm TOUS, located in Manresa. The objective has been to bet on a remodeling with criteria of sustainability and well-being of the workers, and based on biophilia and Feng Shui, prioritizing the optimization of spaces and processes in favor of efficiency.

The multidisciplinary team is made up of senior architects, Elisava professors and professors, consultants, researchers, as well as several Elisava Alumni, who have worked jointly and in coordination to carry out a comprehensive 360-degree sustainability diagnosis. Elisava Research has contributed its knowledge of the conditions of the workspace and the behavior of people, creating a design proposal that ensures the well-being of the brand’s workers, without forgetting sustainability issues.

Thus, the proposed new organizational model favors synergies between the different departments through more agile centralized management, and has turned workspaces into living spaces where creativity, inspiration and innovation increase, but also health and vitality of the TOUS team.
  • Implementation of the new cafeteria and an agora in an amphitheater shape, for large group meetings.
  • Creation of modules for more relaxed work spaces, which are extended throughout the floors.
  • Construction of booths for individual work or meetings, among others.

Elisava Research Team: Ricardo Guasch (Team Leader); Josep Maria Wennberg (Head of the Project); Carles Mercader (Project Management); Florencia Chiappero, Mercedes Morales de Rada, Nicola Pacini, Estefanía Ruales, Nacho Carretero, Alejandra Calderón (Architecture and Design); María Jose Araya, Ainoa Abella (User Experience & Healthy Spaces); Jose Fernando López-Aguilar (Sustainability and Materials), Ricard Ferrer, Jaime Llinares, María Güell, Xavier Vilajosana (Multidisciplinary Consultants).