Telefónica Alpha – Boosting Alpha-Health Digital Products


Jonathan Chacón, Tona Monjo


Telefonica Alpha

Telefonica Alpha-Health ‘moonshot’ researches into the development of digital products with the aim to improve healthy people’s wellbeing.Elisava Research can provide digital product design development within the subclinical division by translating research ideas into usable, testable prototypes before end of 2020. Specifically, Research through Design processes and User-centered Design.Boosting Alpha-Health Digital Products.


  • Translation of research ideas currently in the Telefonica Alpha Innovation Funnel, into 6 testable prototypes.
  • Test prototypes with users and synthetise feedback.
  • Development of final interactive functional digital products.
  • Contribution to TA’s visibility, talent spotting and engagement with Elisava’s network and community.