Living Lab – Decoding Well-being hospitality and retail spaces


Anna del Corral, Maria Araya, Ainoa Abella


AMBIT – Interiors Living Lab

Research Group

Materials & Wellbeing

A project on the decodification on the spatial ergonomic patramers of hospitality and retail interiors influencing the user experience trough the use of physiological tools and ambient measuring devices.


  • Research on the parameters of the environment that influence the perception, emotion and behavior of the user.
  • Researching of user parameters that allow to show up the influence of interior design, and the tools that allow to measure them.
  • Toolbox (methodological guide) of tools and methods that allows to measure and evaluate the perception, emotion and behavior of users in hotel indoor spaces.
  • The experimentation of the toolbox in a real environment, at the Interihotel BCN’19 event.