Kendu – The future of retail


Saúl Baeza, Sara Torres, Juan Ezcurra, Ignacio Ezcurra, Elia Bagó, Victor Betriu, Bernardo Vazquez

The choice to carry out an intensive three-day Research Lab / Workshop was born as a result of the multiple conversations and work sessions between KENDU and Elisava Research. In parallel to a relationship between the two entities with different exploration branches and objectives, a workshop is proposed to explore different concepts and fields of interest exposed by KENDU in an initial “Brief” document, the objective of which is to explore, discover or propose new types of product, experience, service or business.

  • To differentiate and penetration in other sectors and markets in order to innovate and be a pioneer.
  • To generate disruptive ideas related to new forms of product exposure for the retail sector or other target sectors.


  • Workshop.
  • Innovation Report.