Creating Care: designing a social relationship for citizens


Massimo Menichinelli, Anna del Corral, Ainoa Abella, Juan Crespo, Jessica Fernández, Danae Esparza


Glasgow School of Art (GSA), The Care Lab (TCL)


Scottish Education Exchange Programme

Research Group

Materials & Wellbeing

Design, documentation and dissemination of innovative care experiences focused on citizenship in Catalonia and Scotland, focusing on care in human rights and social relations.

There will be an exhibition and a public event that incorporates practical examples from both cultural contexts, creating a platform for citizen participation and a proposal for a future National Care Service.

The Care Lab will organize a workshop in Barcelona attended by academics and professionals, as part of the inauguration of the European Design and Innovation in Care network and linked to governmental and social innovation institutions.


The project places care as a cultural relationship and social “right” for the entire population, combining academic research and social innovation, professional and third sector involvement and the Just Transition towards a socioeconomic model for the future (Wellbeing Economy/WEALL).

Creating Care demonstrates intercultural learning in Catalonia and Scotland, identifies communities of practice (beyond design professionals and academics) capable of designing innovation activities for complex situations and makes this knowledge available at an European level through exhibitions, public speeches and publications.